30 Animal Puzzle Templates

30 Animal Puzzle Templates

Paint, Cut, Play and play and play!

These templates can be adapted for wood, cardboard, EVA foam or any material that children can handle and manipulate without any danger.

Needless to say, you would have to cut the wood yourself, but for the children it would be ideal if you printed all these little puzzle drawings and they can paint them, cut them out and then play to assemble them again and again and that is always better with cardboard, felt, paper or rubber Eve, of course.

There are several colored ones, so if you want them to come out to paint them, you will have to use only black on the printer, although in my opinion,

I left those as they are so that they can only cut them out and play directly, since you have a good amount of the ones that are blank.

I leave you the templates, you will see how they entertain themselves with them during these vacation days 😉






































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30 Plantillas Puzzle de Animalitos

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