Let’s build Christmas trees for the whole family!

Let’s build Christmas trees for the whole family!

Do you know Otakulandia.net?

You can do as many as you want and with cut-out kitchen cardboard rolls, glue, cardboard and imagination to decorate them.

Oh, and a little patience! 😀

Print the molds, cut them out and glue the pieces, it’s that simple…

And you will be able to help the children, be with them and enjoy a family moment that will be unforgettable.
There is nothing more fun for a child than spending a good time with the family doing crafts and more if they are to decorate for Christmas, they love it!!

And afterward, everyone will be able to see your “works of art” decorating the house.

They will be entertained for a long time tangling between the cardboard and the glue stick.

Another thing: the buttons that always remain loose in the sewing box can “become” wonderful Christmas balls for cardboard trees.

What a great time you will have doing them together!! 😉


Let’s build Christmas trees for the whole family!
















Paper mache snowman candle holder


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